Best Canned Meat, Canned Beef, Canned Pork by Wertz Farm Market

Farm Raised without Antibiotics or Hormones
Completely Drug Free Beef and Pork
We Are Proud to Say We Are GMO Free
Shelf Life over 25 Years
Our Cans Are BPA FREE!!!!

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Why We’re The Best

We can quality premium grade steers and pigs!

Companies like Yoders, Keystone, Werlings, and other competitors can old cows that have been used up and milked all their lives and old sows that have been bred their entire lives. The next time you buy from our competition (which I hope you don’t) ask them what cuts they put into their cans. It’s most like the the chuck! Which is the lowest quality cut of meat!

That’s not the case with us! We put all the cuts in our cans! Like filet, NY Strip, porterhouse, and loin cuts. Also, we only can young and healthy animals so our customers get the best quality meat on the market!